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Her Time

It wasn’t so much jealousy, but a sense that this was ‘her time’. Her husband travelled a lot for work, spent time abroad, and had joked about his nights away in faceless hotels with women that he’d never see again. This was her time. Her work trip. Her chance to enjoy herself, free from the […]

Our First Club Experience

I’ll write about this in the future, but last weekend we were due to revisit Le Boudoir in London. This time last year we were enjoying our first sex club experience, and naturally I started to reminisce about the great time we had. Below is an abridged version of a post I shared on Reddit […]

Starting my own blog

Turns out, I rather enjoy writing about sex. I have always been a decent writer, and as my friends would always attest, I’m something of an over-sharer. I’ve written – as myself, of course – for football websites, marriage websites, and in my professional life have made a living from writing and delivering keynote speeches. […]

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