Sex Clubs

Our First Club Experience

I’ll write about this in the future, but last weekend we were due to revisit Le Boudoir in London. This time last year we were enjoying our first sex club experience, and naturally I started to reminisce about the great time we had. Below is an abridged version of a post I shared on Reddit at the time, that I wanted to also post here.

Firstly, hats off to Le Boudoir for creating such a welcoming atmosphere. We missed out on the tour that was being given by the host due to timing, but that didn’t stop us exploring ourselves and honestly feeling super safe and welcomed in a new environment. We were both nervous, but after a few minutes of wandering, pouring some drinks and chatting with a few other couples, we really relaxed into it.

Because of the way the club is laid out, you had a chance to get to see everyone else in the main, ground floor room. You could have a drink, get to know some other couples, and basically check out everyone else that was there. We loved that most of the crowd was around our age, attractive, and outgoing – again making us feel really comfortable. 

Before we arrived we had basically agreed that if ‘all’ that happened was that we would fuck in a room full of other people fucking, we’d have had a brilliant night, so we were never super pushy to try and find another couple/unicorn to play with. That said, we spoke to a few couples and after agreed that we could definitely see ourselves playing around!

As the night started to heat up, my SO got changed into her club outfit, and people started to filter upstairs/downstairs to the various play rooms. We went upstairs and played a bit on our own, just soaking up the atmosphere (fucking hot) and trying to take it all in. 

After 30mins or so of this, we went to pour more drinks. My SO chatted to another couple as I went to the toilet and when I came back, they headed upstairs. We followed, and found ourselves on one of the leather sofas with them. This lead to an incredible time with the other couple – lots of touching, kissing, some fingers and hands but nothing more. We chatted as we played, we laughed, we came (lots, in my wife’s case). We left at around 2am, with a lot to talk about and unpack, but agreeing we had had a brilliant night and a pretty perfect first experience.

We went into the night with no great expectations of how things would turn out… no grand plan, just wanting to push a few boundries, and learn something new about each other.

So, thanks to Le Boudoir, thanks to everyone there, thanks to the other couple we played with. What a great first experience… and we’ll be back!

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