Starting my own blog

Turns out, I rather enjoy writing about sex. I have always been a decent writer, and as my friends would always attest, I’m something of an over-sharer. I’ve written – as myself, of course – for football websites, marriage websites, and in my professional life have made a living from writing and delivering keynote speeches.

When it comes to sex (and likely, in the future, relationships) though, here is a topic I know well, and really like to analyse in detail. What was it about that fuck that made me come so hard? Why did that movement on the tip of my cock cause me to stop, make me lose track of the orgasm that was building in my groin?

Ok, so here we go. A sex blog, with thoughts, and stuff. Generally, loosely around the topic of sex. I want at some point to try my hand at erotica; and going in the other direction, to try some relationship stuff too. But for now, Girl On The Net’s wonderful website is a great place for my writing to stay and I urge you to devour everything she has ever written (my stuff and the rest of the brilliant guest bloggers too!).

So this site, for now will be fairly idle. It’ll be a place where, as the mood and inspiration strike me, I can throw in something filthy that requires more than a tweet.

Let’s see how we go!


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