Her Time

It wasn’t so much jealousy, but a sense that this was ‘her time’. Her husband travelled a lot for work, spent time abroad, and had joked about his nights away in faceless hotels with women that he’d never see again.

This was her time. Her work trip. Her chance to enjoy herself, free from the worries of home and the responsibilities of the house. Arriving at her place for the night, she threw her case onto the bed and soaked in the independence of her space. Her room. Her time.

This was a hotel like any other, on the edge of a city. The clientele came from all walks of life, but most were like her; away from home for work. There was the occasional stag party; a few scattered touring bands or jobbing actors; and as she found out that evening, the odd couple, away from their own responsibilities for the night.

Dinner was always the same in these places. A glass of wine, followed by the usual internal battle over whether to stay healthy when faced with so many unhealthy choices. Most often she would choose the salad but tonight..? the fish and chips. Her time.

She first noticed them when they arrived at the bar. She had finished eating; they were mid argument. Something about the drive over. She immediately caught the eye of the girl – tall, slim, Mediterranean looking but with an unmistakeable northern accent. Her partner was taller, well built, and wore a leather jacket. Both were young and gave off the scent of a couple who had not been together long enough to be quite comfortable with each other… they still wanted to look their best.

Their argument died as she walked to the bar. Sitting herself on one of the stools, she smiled at the barman who poured her a fresh glass of wine. As she sat there, sipping her wine and enjoying her peace, the couple whispered beside her. She caught snippets of the conversation as she half listened…

“You ask her!”

“…no, you ask her, this was your idea. Come on. It’s why we’re here!”.

This seemed to bring an end to the conversation, and the girl cleared her throat and turned towards her.

“Hi… are you….here on your own?”

She smiled and said she was.

“Oh, ok. Do you want to have a drink with us?”

She considered for a moment, wondering whether to decline and make the most of her time alone. But something about this couple intrigued her.

“Ok”, she smiled.

She got to know them both as the evening progressed. He (Mark) was a junior doctor, studying and working at the nearby hospital – she (Ellie) worked in PR. It was a bottle and a half of wine later before it came to the real reason the couple was there. Biting her lip, Ellie set down her drink and smiled at Mark for reassurance before turning to her.

“So, the real reason we’re here… we’ve never done anything like this before, but we were actually looking for someone to join us tonight”

“N-not for a drink I mean. In… bed”.

She found herself looking at them both, considering what she was being asked. She considered the form of the young doctor… his broad shoulders, flicked up brown hair and broad arms. She ran her eyes over Ellie’s curves, and the scent of her perfume. She realised just how attractive she was, full chested and curvy. Her mind wandered, wondering how it would feel to bury her face in those breasts, to breathe in the scent of her, to taste her pussy… while he watched.

Feeling the wetness building in her own crotch, she smiled.

“Let’s do it”.

Her time.

She invited them back to her room. Ellie said they didn’t live far, but what was the point of a hotel room, paid for by the company, if you couldn’t make a mess? As she walked ahead, Ellie followed. She could her their excited conversation behind her, not well enough to catch the words but enough to know they couldn’t wait to get back to her room… and to be honest, neither could she.

Opening her door and slotting the key into its slot on the wall, she told them to wait outside. Clearing her bed, she took off her work dress and tights, leaving just her underwear (matching, fortunately) and her high heels. She found herself nervous, despite feeling the anticipation of a new sexual experience. She opened the door and breathed deeply as she saw them drink her in. She looked fucking fantastic, and she knew it.

Mark walked past her into the room, but Ellie couldn’t contain herself, and kissed her as soon as she entered, kicking the door closed behind her with her foot. Ellie’s earlier inhibitions were clearly gone thanks to the wine the three had consumed, and it showed in the way that her hands eagerly grabbed at her arse as she leaned into her. If her cunt had been wet before, it was now positively dripping as she led Ellie over to the bed. Pulling Ellie’s vest top over her head, and unbuttoning her jeans, she pulled them down to see she wasn’t wearing knickers. She pulled off Ellie’s jeans, kicked away her shoes, and pushed her back to lie on the bed, legs spread.

She drank in the view… only hours earlier, she had been finishing up her work emails, sat on the desk only feet away… now her mouth was only centimetres away from a glistening pussy that she couldn’t wait to taste. Looking up, she saw Mark slowly start to undress, unsure of how he should join in. After removing his shirt and jeans, he simply sat on the chair in the corner, stroking his cock beneath his boxers and enjoying the view. Her pussy clenched as she saw the outline of his dick, taught and pressing hard against the tight material.

Ellie, by this point just as wet as her new friend, took her by the cheeks and guided her mouth towards her clit. She breathed deeply and began to lap… her tongue moving in slow, wet strokes at the pussy she had been fantasising about just minutes before. Ellie moaned, squirming under her touch and locking eyes with her boyfriend as he watched. She undid her bra, allowing her full, pert breasts free, her erect nipples pointing to the sky as she moaned.

She had tasted pussy before, but not like this, and she realised that she was only doing what she knew felt good for her. So, as she licked, those long slow strokes reaching from just above Ellie’s arse to just below the tuft of perfectly manicured pubic hair above, she slipped a finger into Ellie’s tight pussy. Hearing Ellie’s breathing deepen, she pushed a second inside, and she moaned harder.

Mark moved to the bed, pulling down his boxers and allowing his cock free. Mark’s muscular, wide frame matched the profile of his dick – taught, erect and ready. He knelt beside his partner, and she took his hard dick in her mouth. As she moaned, she stroked his cock with one hand and ran her other underneath to cup his balls, rubbing and rolling them as she sucked.

With her face buried in Ellie’s pussy, she realised she wanted that cock… more than anything in that moment. She pulled her fingers out, and despite Ellie’s pleading for them to return she crawled up to kiss her new friend, the wetness of her mouth spreading as their tongues explored each other.Taking Mark’s hard cock in her hand, she licked around the tip, looking up into his eyes – but seeing them only roll back into his head as she teased him. She could taste his precum as it leaked from him, mixing in her mouth with the taste of Ellie’s pussy.

The two girls took it in turns to service the young doctor, one taking  the end of his cock in their mouth, the other licking from his balls and up his shaft. He groaned, taking the head of each girl in his hands and gently pushing them together as he fucked their faces in turn. His confidence seemed to have grown as his cock had, and now he was as invested in this idea as Ellie was.

Ellie looked up at her.

“Your turn”, she said, flipping her over and crawling down her body so that she could return the favour, Ellie’s own wet pussy sitting over her face as she straddled her. Ellie wasted no time, her fingers exploring her, first rubbing her clit and then, with the other hand, pushing inside her. She licked her pussy, two fingers inside, and the other hand teasing her arse at the same time. She didn’t always feel in the mood for this, but tonight she was ready for anything.

Mark sat above her head, his taught dick pointing skywards, and as he knelt up it was positioned right above her, ready to fuck his girlfriend. She got the best view she could imagine as he entered Ellie, rubbing his already glistening cock against the opening of her, across her clit, and finally into her desperate cunt. She moaned… he growled… and the girl who was enjoying her time took his balls into her mouth as they fucked.

Alternating between the base of his cock, and Ellie’s clit, she licked and sucked them both as he drove deep into her; Ellie lapping at her pussy as she did so. Ellie sat up, pushing Mark away.

“Now I want him to fuck you. This is your hotel room, you should get some dick”.

Mark walked around to the end of the bed and positioned himself so that Ellie could again take his aching cock in her mouth. With one hand still on her new friend’s pussy, she guided her boyfriend’s girth towards her pussy, first rubbing the tip on her clit and then helping him to thrust inside.

She felt every inch of him enter her, this new cock, unfamiliar in size and shape but perfect in that moment. She licked eagerly at Ellie’s pussy as Mark fucked her, in long deep strokes. She moaned, breathed deeply. Ellie came back to the top of the bed and lay next to her, kissing her softly as she was fucked by the young doctor.

He was moving faster now, and as he did so, Ellie started to stroke her clit; occasionally reaching down to take her boyfriend’s cock into her mouth before returning it to its rightful place.

She came. It was urgent, and crashed over her like an unexpected wave on a beach… barely before she could mumble that she was going to come, it hit her, and she cried out in pleasure. Ellie switched her attention to her own clit, still dripping wet and desperate for more; Mark gently pulled out and went back to fucking his girlfriend – more urgently than before.

She idly watched them both, basking in her post-orgasmic glow; Ellie came quickly, pounded hard from behind by Mark; he came soon after, long, arcing ropes of come that reached from Ellie’s arse to her neck.

They all lay on the bed, panting… Ellie & Mark giggled as they realised what they had done.

She didn’t giggle. This was the start of something… a realisation that her time was hers and she could do with it what she wanted. They quickly dressed and left, exchanging numbers before promising to get in touch.

This wasn’t a one off. This would happen again.

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